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TIHCC Hotel Services

Troubleshooting Hotelier Marketing Challanges

TIHCC Hotel Services

Our key strategic priority in Revenue Management is to drive the best profitable revenue, maximize ROI, and reduction auxiliary hidden prices, leading to continuous growth and trust across our portfolio. Our Revenue Management team has sturdy skilled in leading hotels, pioneered an innovative, and careful approach to driving results. With wonderful engagement in Revenue Management professionals, the best result to our edifice clients. With our support, you'll expect.

Room Revenue Management

  • Data Management
  • Forecasting
  • Distribution Channel Pricing Audit and Recommendation
  • Rate Fences
  • Demand calendar
  • Displacement Analysis
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Benchmarking rates as per segment

C&E Revenue Management

Conferences and event revenues accounting for a significant portion of a hotel's financial performance, an increasing number of hotel groups are starting to focus on these activities to support their facility's bottom lines. To enhance the opportunities Stellar Hospitality offers following solution to increase catering profitability.

  • Forecasting
  • Performance Indicators
  • Displacement Analysis
  • Customized promotion
  • Turnover time management
  • Enticing pricing program
  • Yield management

F&B Revenue Management

Strategic Food & Beverage revenue management is a critical ingredient in your recipe for profitability. But using a proven system to manage key dining variables has impacts beyond revenue—it has a ripple effect on customer service. Creating optimal dining flows, table mixes, and pricing helps you meet customer needs better than ever before.

  • Forecasting
  • Aligning prices with brand positioning and channel Placement
  • Measuring return on investment from new advertisements
  • Tracking retailer mark up and price elasticity
  • Applying capacity management strategies in the battle between demand and supply.
  • Identify the concept and tools in menu engineering
  • Employ menu analysis techniques and appraise the performance of menu items
  • Propose and implement strategic and tactical decisions to improve menu performance
  • Pricing methods and calculations
  • Improve Revenue per available seat performance

Hotel Asset Management

Over the previous few years, the business has seen a shift of focus from value management, solely optimizing bottom line profit, to driving high line financial gain through revenue management.

TIHCC is a specialist company within the field of revenue, reputation and data analysis management for hotels and lodging properties. With our tried methodology and in-house developed best practices, we tend to drive the over-allrevenue results of edifice assets, We aim to challenge the recognized in your native market and switch edifice property or project into a market leader., we are going to elevate your edifice plus to a different level, uncovering the hidden revenue potential.

We square measure firm believers within the power of associate freelance edifice with a singular product and superb guest expertise, over the standard edifice franchise chain stigmatization route. maintaining with the newest developments and innovative solutions in edifice distribution and online travel selling is difficult, with the landscape dynamical thus quickly

Focusing on the distinctive commerce points of your property, our edifice management specialists can develop a bespoken and artistic strategic edifice recommendation to extend the revenue generation power of your edifice or resort in 2 phases.

Pre-Opening Phase:

  • Recruitment and qualification of hotel manager.
  • Vendor selection and negotiation.
  • Development of SOP and SOO protocols.
  • Recruitment and Training of the hotel staff.
  • Development of Financial reporting structure.

Post-Opening Phase:

  • Coaching and steering of hotel manager in operations.
  • Monitoring of on-site team performance and service standard quality assurance.
  • Identifying opportunities to maximize cash flow while maintaining or improving the market position.
  • Seek to improve the physical attributes of the hotel.
  • Monitor maintenance of the asset to ensure it remains in tip-top shape.
  • The following elements are part of our Hotel Asset Management Services:
  • Concise reporting
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Operational performance reviews
  • Review of staff capability, qualifications, and performance
  • Hotel management supervision and coaching
  • Quality control & property inspections
  • Training planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales & Marketing plan monitoring and advisory
  • Revenue management and distribution support
  • Expense monitoring and cost control
  • Facilities recommendations
  • Capital Expenditure planning and monitoring

Performance Planning and Strategy

TIHCC Hotels and Resorts expertise help to do Performance Review on behalf of owners/ GM to give insight of hotel performance, as well as develop strategies around the findings. Hotel management is increasingly looking for ways to evaluate hotel performance effectiveness. A system is needed to assess objectives, strategies, and performance. we provide a workable, worthwhile tool for managers to assess current performances and long-range goals

  • Comprehensive Performance Review covers
  • Market Conditions
  • Hotel positioning
  • Review Geo Source
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Overall hotel Strategy
  • Hotel market segmentation & Trends
  • Food & Beverage forecasting
  • Channel distribution Analysis
  • Business Pace
  • C&E forecasting & outlook
  • P&L Review

E- Distribution or Channel Management

Total solution for better content management, Dynamic pricing, and ensuring presence across all electronic distribution and marketing channels to drive online revenues with high yield and profitability.

What Customer Do

Today’s customer is online savvy. They shop for the best offers and deals online. There are hundreds of travel portals and new ones are coming out every now and then. Managing pricing, inventory, promotions and content and also ensuring that you don’t lose out on yield is becoming tougher by the day.

How We Do

Many hotels struggle with low occupancy, underutilising their investment. We tend to systematically drive higher occupancy into our edifice partners. We tend to don’t simply manage a few of rooms, we tend to assist you fill your whole edifice. Most hotels don’t have effective rate arrange, promotional and rating methods. To maximise overall revenue per space, we tend to fix that. Costs ought to amendment supported key seasonal events; historical occupancy levels; current occupancy levels; challenger actions; and marketplace dynamics.

What We Do

TIHCC provides an end-to-end solution for Revenue Management, Reputation Management and Research and eDistribution. The service aims to maximize potential revenue from Online distribution networks with higher yield and profitability. We not only make a pricing strategy but also make pricing decisions and upload inventory and rates on a daily basis.

We assume complete responsibility and management of all online channels and associated work relating to content management, inventory management, defining, implementing and monitoring promotional pricing and pricing controls, relationship management with otas and other distribution channels to ensure the optimum presence and drive online revenues with higher yield.

Digital Marketing

We take care of everything With TIHCC, you deal with a single company, with a single point of contact for all your online processes. We give you:

  • A mobile responsive website
  • An online booking engine
  • A fully-fledged eCommerce platform
  • A Realtime ROI dashboard to measure results

And we take care of:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media channel management
  • AdWords, Pay-Per-Click and other digital advertising

Sales and Marketing–

  • B2B Partnership
  • Free promotion on Free Promotion on Blogs
  • Relationship with tourism bodies and airlines
  • Familiarization trips with leading tour operators
  • Advertisement campaigns online/offline
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Public relationship

Data Analytics and Research

Data analysis and visualization is a scientific art of finding the right data to answer your questions, discovering the right patterns in the data, and then communicating your results to have the right possible impact and utilize in better business decisions, in drawing accurate conclusions efficiently.

Process 1-Data Collection

Based on the flexibility, system access and feasibility of data mining from various platforms like PMS, CRS, RMS, Channel Manager, CRM etc., we will develop the data requirement and data delivery process. We will be exploring the possibility of developing an API for data collection in order to minimize the manual intervention.

Process 2- Data Validation

We will be working with various data sources with different data conditions, it is critical to carry a data diagnostic to eliminate the noise in the data and also to understand the possibility of developing the APIs as well as enhancing the existing APIs.

Process 3- Data Analysis and Visualization

Based on needs and requirements will develop and deploy various pre-designed reports, dynamically customizable reports and any Adhoc Analysis and reports.

Process 4- Concurrent Support and Monitoring

This is a critical service that we provide, it is important to evolve the RM process on an ongoing basis considering the Market Conditions, Competitor Strategy and evolvements of industry. We will help to overcome these edges time by time by regular enhancements and releases of reporting and analytical tools suite.

Online Reputation Management

TIHCC maintain a positive reputation management is fundamental to the profitability, relevance, and existence of business being transparent, trustworthy and responsive to the survival of any brand or organization. So, it is essential that hotel owners be steadfast in maintaining goodwill to their stakeholders.

Guest Engagement

By delivering a seamless experience for your guests from the moment they make a booking to the moment they decide to revisit it allows hoteliers to engage with their guests and own the conversation throughout their travel journey to be more emphasis delivering services.

Review Management

We provide hotel professionals an option of getting email alerts of reviews posted within a specific star range. This allows you to quickly respond to disgruntled patrons or to take corrective action and opportunity to leverage positive reviews by posting a live stream of positive reviews to your brand website, OTA, metasearch’s and social media.

Reputation Tracking and Analysis

Hotel professional could more effectively engage in active online brand reputation management and help curate their company's image while managing their business more effectively by various analytic insight such as competitors, review and sentiment analysis.